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Why using Teflon?

Ensure Leak-Free Connections

Teflon tape, also known as plumber's tape, is an essential tool for ensuring leak-free connections in plumbing installations. When installing your Dracoss water purifiers, using Teflon tape can help create a tight seal between threaded connections, preventing water leaks. This simple yet effective tape fills in the gaps between threads, providing a watertight barrier that enhances the durability and reliability of your connections. Whether you're attaching adapters, purifiers, or any threaded components, Teflon tape is a must-have to maintain the integrity of your water system and ensure optimal performance of your Dracoss products.

How does it work?

Using Teflon tape is straightforward and highly effective in preventing leaks. Here's how it works:

  1. Preparation: Clean the threaded surfaces to remove any debris or dirt.
  2. Application: Wrap the Teflon tape around the male threads of the pipe or fitting. Wrap in the direction of the threads (typically clockwise) to ensure the tape stays in place when tightening the connection.
  3. Coverage: Overlap the tape slightly with each wrap, covering the threads completely. Usually, 2-3 layers of tape are sufficient.
  4. Connection: Screw the fitting onto the taped threads, ensuring a tight and secure connection.

Customer Reviews

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Anjali Johnson

Order delivered one week in advance. The product appears to be compliant. Remains to try it.

Alvah Gerlach

All OK. Thank you

Garnett Runte

Good Job Dracoss

Camryn Boehm

It's cheap and quality.

Eladio McCullough

as described